Furnace Repair and Cleaning in Bangor and Brewer, Maine

Demmons Heating Can Fix and Service Heating Systems All Over Maine

For furnace repair and cleaning in Bangor and Brewer, Maine contact Demmons Heating. Demmons Heating has a team of experienced heating contractors who fix and service heating systems throughout Maine. We also install new, more energy-efficient systems. Homeowners should not have to deal with old or faulty heating equipment, especially as temperatures drop. We offer quality equipment from brands like Mitsubishi® and Biasi to give our customers the equipment they need.

Call our team today at (207) 848-2573 to schedule repairs, services, or heating installation, or to get a free estimate.

Prompt Heating Repair Service for Bangor, Maine, and Brewer, Maine

Demmons Heating provides prompt heating repair for various kinds of homes in Bangor and Brewer, Maine, and the surrounding areas. Our team can repair furnaces, boilers, heat pumps, and other heating equipment to restore heat back into your space. Some universal signs that your heating equipment needs repair include:

  • No heat
  • Producing cool air
  • Loud clanking or banging noises
  • Leaks – coolant, water, or other liquids
  • Outdoor equipment is frozen or has ice damage

Demmons Heating Offers Fast and Efficient Cleaning and Repair Services

When your home’s heating system needs repaired or cleaned, the process can be overwhelming. Demmons Heating offers fast and efficient services to residents of Bangor, Maine, Brewer, Maine, and neighboring communities. Before the weather gets too cold, call us. Trust the team at Demmons to provide quick repairs for your heating equipment. We offer emergency services, too.

Oil, Natural Gas, and Propane in Bangor, Maine, and Adjacent Areas

To purchase oil, natural gas, or propane in Bangor, Maine, and adjacent areas call Demmons Heating for affordable equipment. We can service fuel storage tanks and other equipment to make sure your home is ready for winter. Our team also offers cleaning service. Contact our heating contractors to provide  experienced, quality heating service. Ask our team about repairs, cleaning, and installation for the following heating products:

Contact Demmons Heating when you need furnace repair and cleaning in Bangor, and Brewer Maine.